Need ideas? Choose the garden style that suits you!

Illustration of a woman holding a garden painting
alley of an English garden with a supple and elegant layout

English Garden


The charm of a romantic garden that smells of roses! Its abundant vegetation, its impression of wild nature, the softness of its curves, in short, an easy garden that makes you dream.

yew hedge trimmed with roses and hydrangeas behind

French Garden


You want to make order triumph over nature's disorder, impose your rhythm over nature's spontaneity. You would like to bring in a piece of Versailles into your garden, adopt the French spirit.

zoom on free nature garden with different ivy mixed with beautiful green plants

Free Nature Garden


You are looking for a place of relaxation in which nature does not oppress you. You are creative and want to give free rein to your imagination and the most eccentric ideas. Discover the "free nature" garden and let yourself be carried away by the winds.

close-up on pale pink wild roses

Mediterranean Garden


You would like your garden to make you travel and give you the impression of being on holiday all year round. You like the scents of Provence and the time of idleness in the shade of a fig tree or an olive tree!

artichoke's foot of the nourishing garden before picking

Nourishing Garden


The <strong>nourishing garden</strong> brings together ornamental plants and <strong>edible plants</strong> (perpetual vegetables, aromatics and fruits) in the same garden! These different plants are combined in a subtle and coherent way, so that they fully develop and give their best! You will no longer have to choose between a flowering perennial and a vegetable or aromatic, you will have everything in your garden. You will have the joy of picking a fruit among the flowers of your garden. <strong>This beautiful and good garden</strong> will delight the eyes and the taste buds.