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How much does a Draw Me A Garden ready-to-plant garden cost?

A Draw Me A Garden ready-to-plant garden includes everything you need to plant and maintain your own landscaped garden. This encompasses all the plants in your garden project, the full-size pattern allowing you to easily place them in the right place, tools, mulch, instructional instructions, all delivered to your home. And of course one year of maintenance advice offered.

The price of the kit depends on the style of garden chosen, the area to be landscaped, the different plants that compose it and the final layout chosen. The price of the garden will therefore be different from one arrangement to another.

ready-to-plant kit with plants, flax mulch and tools

Ready to plant kit: plants, mulch, tools

ready-to-plant kit with plants, flax mulch and tools

Ready to plant kit: planting cardboard

Here is a price range for the ready-to-plant kit delivered to your home (without tax). Of course these prices are indicative because the price of your garden will be worked according to its specificities.

Estimate cost per style & per surface (without tax)


Mediterranean Garden : 900€ - 1200€

French Garden : 1100€ - 1300€

Free Nature Garden : 700€ - 1000€

English Garden : 900€ - 1200€


Mediterranean Garden : 1600€ - 2200€

French Garden : 1900€ - 2300€

Free Nature Garden : 1200€ - 1700€

English Garden : 1600€ - 2200€


Mediterranean Garden : 2400€ - 2900€

French Garden : 2500€ - 3000€

Free Nature Garden : 1800€ - 2500€

English Garden : 2400€ - 2900€

These prices include the ready-to-plant kit and one year of free advice. At the end of this one-year period, you can extend your subscription at the rate of 96 euros per year, or 8 euros per month.

Do you want to see examples of garden?

Have a look at our customers' achievements to discover the rendering of their garden and the budget!

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Why are Draw Me A Garden landscaped gardens affordable?

Our gardens have been designed with a range of about 100 plants. This range is sufficiently wide and extensive to adapt the plants according to the style of garden chosen, your living area and your environment. This optimal range allows us to have attractive purchase prices from reputable and quality suppliers while limiting storage costs.

Draw Me A Garden digitalizes the traditional recommendations of a landscaper. The team has developed an intelligent web tool to propose landscape garden plans integrating the constraints of each garden (location, environment). The rules of the art have been previously established by Guillaume Gosse de Gorre, our landscape expert, who ensures that your garden plan is beautiful and harmonious.

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prune a red rose bush

Finally, as our objective is to help you to appropriate your garden and to maintain it, we help you at all stages but you are the master builder of your garden. You will choose the style you like and the layout you prefer, you will plant easily thanks to the kit and then you will maintain your garden! So you won't have to worry about any additional costs for planting and maintenance and you will be proud to have created your own piece of paradise.

Design now your garden project online to discover your future dream garden.